Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Street Meat!

The LMFAO concert was everything I wanted and more. Neon and animal print were everywhere making me wish that everyday could be an LMFAO concert.

We were pretty much as far up as we could get (right behind those VIP jerks). There were beach balls and inflatable zebras being tossed around. 

The group of teenage boys next to us got so excited when the zebra came to them - you would have thought they just won an Olympic medal for their country. They kept jumping up and down in a jubilant jig and wouldn't let go of the blow-up Zebra which meant I kept getting hit in the head with one of its legs. Only at an LMFAO concert.

I think one of my favorite new songs is Hot Dog (just YouTube it) - it is so ridiculous, my brother, sister, and I can't stop sporadically yelling "Street Meat!" at one another. Makes me giggle every time. By some miracle, spaced cleared around me when Party Rock came on so there was ample room to get my shuffle on. And there is nothing better than tons of confetti raining down while everyone is shufflin'.

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