Friday, October 12, 2012

Wednesday Review: Halloween Tricks and Treats

Matthew Mead's Halloween Tricks and Treats book has some spooktacular ideas. (see what I did there?) My mom gave me this book a few years ago and I've used it a lot. Be prepared for the first Wednesday Review with pictures of things I've ACTUALLY done FROM THE BOOK!

What I Like:
* All the ideas are divided into two main sections: Treats and Tricks. (Gah I love Halloween!!) Then each is further divided into different categories. In Treats there is a chapter called "Owl-oween Party" - best ever!
* There are a lot of "easy treats" that definitely don't take skill and are fun to make/eat. I've made a festive snack mix (carmel corn, Resse's Puffs cereal, Peanut M&Ms and some other yummy stuff) and donut hole kabobs.

A lot of the ideas use store-bought cookies. You can spend all the time you save not baking from scratch to MAKE MORE THINGS! I loved these Le Petit Ecolier cookies Mead discusses in the book. Just add a pumpkin and BOOM! Festive! 

* There is an ICE CREAM section!! That's right! Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pops, ice cream cake! mmmmm. And the best part is, like the cookies, its pretty much just decorating store-bought products - so not too difficult!
* Most of my themed/decorated foods tend to be desserts, so its nice there is a savory section included. Mead shows you how to make fun themed pizzas, a mummy meatloaf, and green soup with eyeballs in it!
* Mead makes sure you can find whatever is in his book. There is a metal wire basket tree and a few other wire products that he provides a website for.

What I Don't Like:
* The "Tricks" section is all decorating ideas - soooo not really tricksy. While a lot of these ideas are really awesome, I just don't see myself actually using many of them. Maybe they're just not my style... or not my style yet.

Over all I highly recommend this book. Almost everything is easy to make and really creative. Definitely a great starting point if you like to have Halloween parties.

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