Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Review: Cake Pops

Cake Pops by Bakerella (a.k.a. Angie Dudley) boasts tips and tricks for more than 40 mini treats! Everything is better in miniature - plus, you can eat SO MANY MORE.

What I like:
* The book starts out with step by step instructions on how to make cake balls, cake pops, and how to make them look like miniature cupcakes. Because GUYS - who doesn't want a smaller version of an already smaller version of a cake!?! What I like about this is the accompanying pictures for each step and a whole page dedicated to troubleshooting. I've made cake balls once and had pretty much all of the things go wrong that Bakerella covers in this section.
* The pictures are great in this book. Just for supplies and materials the photographs are fun and colorful.
* THE ARE ALL SO CUTE. Seriously. I can hardly stand it. Every new pop/design makes me immediately start thinking of what themed party I need to throw to be able to make it. There's the regular holiday and wedding/baby designs - but then there's different sports, pirates, and a myriad of adorable animals. Koala's AND Pandas!?!?!?
* There are great ideas on displaying your cake pops. What's that? You want to make some cake pops and send them to Grandma across the country? No problem! There's also tips on how to ship them!

What I don't like:
* I have the same problem with all of these kinds of books - some of the designs definitely look like more trouble than they're probably worth, but until I make them, I won't know!!

This is definitely one of the best laid out crafty-baking-books I've seen. With colorful photos and great step by step instructions - I may just be making a bunch of these little fellas this fall. (Maybe I can make mini cake pops and put them on toothpicks??)

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