Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Costumes and Nerd Heaven

As you all know, I love to dress up - whether it's for Halloween, themed parties, or Comic-con. Last year my brother and I dressed up as characters from Galaxy Quest. I'm still trying to get our costumes together for Comic-con this year. It's hard to choose what to go as - you want something that people will recognize, but not something that 100 other people are going to be dressed up as too. (ABSOLUTELY NO SLAVE PRINCESS LEIA'S) Also, as you will be running around all day, you want a costume that is semi-practical. is running a contest for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree and $500 cash to spend at Comic-con. This year my brother, sister, and my friend Christina are all attending the Con together. Our plan is to go as Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. If I win I'm definitely buying my brother this outfit. It is a lot harder than I thought to find a regency costume for men. They have a costume that would work for women too so I won't have to force my sister to sew together costumes for us the day before we leave like I did last year (LOVE YOU SIS!). Winning $1,000 would also mean we could dress up MORE THAN ONE DAY because now we have MONAYZ. There is a Super-hero bar crawl on Friday and Saturday that sounds like a lot of fun and I am kinda digging this woman's spider-man costume. I'm pretty sure my sister would find a way to go as Lady Gaga because she is obsessed with her and is convinced that she is a super-hero in her own right.

$500 cash would mean we could also do the ZOMBIE OBSTACLE COURSE. I read about it a few weeks ago and immediately put it on our "to-do" list, however tickets are 80 bucks a pop and when you're already spending money on a flight and hotel plus fronting the money for your broke brother and sister, that's just a little out of my price range. But it does sound AWESOME.

Only 3 more weeks until NERD HEAVEN!!!

Never give up! Never Surrender!

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