Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rule #32: Enjoy The Little Things

We had a Zombie movie night a few weeks ago and watched Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. I saw these cupcakes somewhere online about a year ago and have been waiting to for an excuse to make them ever since! Our Zombie-fest was pretty last minute so I went the expensive route and bought pre-made cupcakes at Harris Teeter.

I chucked the frosting they came with and then re-frosted them with store-bought butter cream I dyed green. The good thing about store-bought is you get vanilla AND chocolate! These are fun cupcakes to make because the work lies in the papers, not the actual cupcake. 

I found this template online and then decorated them with a sharpie to look like zombies. I cut out little arms and since I was short on time (I literally assembled them at the house of the person hosting the zombie night) just taped everything together. Given more time, I would have used a glue stick. I drew the shotgun on white paper and then cut it out for our little hero to defend himself.

He was still standing the next day - so looks like he made it out ok!

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