Monday, May 6, 2013

A Very Nerdy Weekend

The first weekend in May is delightfully nerdy. The scene above was at my local comic book store Saturday morning for Free Comic Book Day. It also happened to be International Star Wars Day! (May 4th). Last year I really lamented not having my act together and doing something for May the 4th. I planned then and there to host a Star Wars marathon in 2013.

Saturday was crazy as I pretty much didn't do anything for the Star Wars party until that morning. I also had to cram in a trip to my local comic book store. I wanted to buy Brian K. Vaughan's new series Saga but the line was nuts when I arrived so I just looked through all the free comics instead. (My brother ended up buying Saga at his comic book store so win!) I had never been to the comic store before but it is pretty awesome. They have a large gaming section with a ton of great board games and a room with lots of tables so you can play them. I am definitely going to have to go back there soon.

I think I mentioned last year that I had some awesome Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma. I have both the Heroes & Villains set and the Vehicle set. I originally had these grand plans of icing them all but since I waited until Saturday morning, that did not happen.

I think they look great un-iced. You can see all the detail much better than if I had iced them. On a slightly related side-note, Friday night I went to see John Hodgman do stand-up and Paul and Storm opened for him. I had heard of them before but never actually heard any of their music. THEY ARE FANTASTIC. Their songs are hilarious and a lot of them are about nerd culture. Here is one they sang Friday night called Thanksgiving that is pretty appropriate for May the Fourth. (Note: contains some curse words so may want to listen with headphones if you're in a public place.)

I definitely bought all of their CDs after the concert! 

I knew I was short on time and I wanted to do some sort of cupcake. I decided making cupcake toppers was the easiest/least time consuming way to have fun themed cupcakes. (I also knew I'd be sitting around for a while waiting for the concert to start on Friday so I'd have time to cut out pictures.) I picked out 4 different iconic pictures (Han Solo, Darth Vader, R2D2, and the Millennium Falcon) and pasted them into a powerpoint slide. It took a little googling to figure out how to rotate the pictures 180 degrees for the backside of the toppers. If you'd like to make your own toppers, here is a pdf version of what I had or you can choose your own images!

Alternatively, Williams-Sonoma does have cupcake kits that provides toppers and adorable cupcake papers. I just didn't have time to make it out to the store.

Of course I also sprinkled them with some star dust! (aka, disco dust). The last thing I attempted to do was carve a watermelon to look like the death star. (they make it look so easy on the internet!)

I was doing this AS guests were arriving and also using whatever I could find in my kitchen to carve so it didn't come out the best, but still cute! (Plus watermelon! YUM) If I ever do this again, I think I'll dig out my pumpkin carving set.

I wore this great woot shirt (which GLOWS IN THE DARK) for the occasion and started off with my hair in the Princess Leia side buns. They started falling out and Leia changes her hairdo each movie anyways, so I ended up with the Heidi braids by the end.

Cute right?


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