Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Musings #35: Nike Women's Half Recap

Last weekend I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC and it was wonderful! I know, I know. I'm as shocked as you are that I had such a good race considering I kinda half-assed my training towards the end. I think I finally found the balance of when to drink water/eat energy beans to keep me going through the whole race. I also wore a water bottle belt so I didn't have to stop at a water station until mile 11. 

I didn't actually make it to the expo because I waited until the last day to pick up my packet and the line was hella long. By the time I finally got my packet, I had to race over to Chinatown to meet my parents who were in town. But I did get to walk by the Nike store in Georgetown and found my name! I didn't even know they did this!

I'm famous!! 

Here I am with my lovely friends after the race. I finished in 2:36:01 which is practically 15 minutes faster than the 2:50:59 I ran the Rock n' Roll Half 5 weeks prior. I paced at 11:54 for Nike. Now that it's getting hotter outside I'm going to retire from running for the time being and try to tone up. I'll hit the treadmill every now and then to try and get my mile time down to 10 minutes. There were some fun signs at the race too. My favorite was "I know this is long and hard, but since when has that ever been a problem?" #ThatsWhatSheSaid. Now I know what you're DYING to see...

The little blue box! (Which I wont lie, I saw somebody holding up a sign about running towards the "little blue box" and my first thought was "ooh! another Doctor Who fan!" To be fair, my shirt was Doctor Who themed so I kinda had it on the mind.)

Me after the race!

The front of the shirt says "Companion Training Program" and the back reads "I run so when I meet The Doctor, I'm ready!" My brilliant friend Marissa made it. Best running shirt ever? or best running shirt ever?

Okay sorry, side-tracked. So instead of a medal, you got a Tiffany's necklace for finishing the race. I was a little nervous because there's a lot of Tiffany's stuff I don't like. But this necklace is AWESOME.

How cute is that!?


So yeah. That was pretty much the rundown (heh) of the race. The course was great (super flat) and the weather was great (sunny and cool) and the whole day was GREAT.

Sara, Marissa, and me showered and lookin' good after the race!

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