Friday, June 14, 2013

Disney Magnets

I got back from my RI/ME trip about 2 weeks ago. Then I was crazy busy catching up with work and making some crafts for the Reddit Exchanges I was in. I made these magnets for the Disney Exchange. My sister made some with family pictures for my mom a few years ago and I have wanted to make them ever since. They make a great gift and you can customize them anyway you want!

These are all the tools I started out with. I bought 2 different sizes of clear flat marbles from Michaels. They were only about $3 each (so this is also a relatively cheap gift!). Then I found a bunch of different Disney photos I liked and sized them to fit to the marbles. If you'd like to make the same ones I did here is a pdf of the stills I used. My giftee is also a Doctor Who fan so I made a few magnets with the Karen Hallion Disney mash-ups.

Next I put some glue on the pictures and placed a marble on top. If you're making these - use any clear glue. I bought this Dimensional Magic Mod Podge which I read the label like 10 times and couldn't figure out what "Dimensional Magic" meant. It wasn't until AFTER I had glued all the marbles to the pictures that I realized it's meant to dry on top of things to give it texture and NOT to actually glue things together. Oh well, it still worked thankfully!

You really have to be picky about which marbles you use. A lot of them have cracks or ripples in them and distort the picture. I'd say about 1/3 of each of my packs weren't usable.

I let the glued marbles dry for a day and then used an exacto knife to cut them out.

Once they were all cut out, I placed a magnet behind and tah-dah! Home made magnets!!

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