Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Are Here to Change the World

One year I was at MGM Studios in Walt Disney World when a screaming crowd ran by the store my friend Megan and I were in. Megan looked at me and said "Grab your camera, I bet it's somebody famous!" So we ran outside and who did we see but the King of Pop - Michael Jackson. I was standing TEN feet from MJ. I grew up watching his music video marathons on MTV (you know, when they used to play music videos). Black or White and Will You Be There were two of my favorite songs. (I loved Free Willy.) This was a very exciting moment for me. He was surrounded by Disney security, but still let a few of his fans in and shook their hands. Megan and I didn't get that close, but we do like to tell people how we rode Star Tours with him. (Okay, so we were in different cars - but that's just a technicality.) After that I loved MJ even more - and man could he dance.

I was in London with my sister when I heard the news that Michael Jackson had died. It just seemed unreal. I remember two very tall British men walking past on the street and telling us. It probably wasn't until the next morning when our hostel was blasting Black or White at breakfast that it really sunk in. Every bar we went to was playing Man in the Mirror (which I'm ashamed to say didn't even register on my favorite MJ songs until that weekend.) It's hard to believe it's already been 4 years. RIP buddy. We'll always have Star Tours. 

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