Friday, November 15, 2013

Costumes at Comic-Con Part 2

Last week I talked about our costumes and all the little ways you can dress up at Comic-con with the free stuff you get. This week is dedicated to all the people I saw who had awesome cosplays. Above is me and the sibs posing with Shawn of the Dead who looks eerily like Simon Pegg. In fact, when my brother and I went to the screening for The World's End, this guy was there in this costume, and Simon Pegg just stopped what he was saying and exclaimed "Hey look! It's me!"

Jamie Lannister

I love to people watch. That's probably part of the reason I like amusement parks so much. There is no better people watching that at Comic-con. It's part of what makes waiting in line for 10 hours and then never getting into the panel you wanted bearable. You're constantly being entertained by people's creativity and dedication to their costumes.


While weaving in and out of the line for Hall H, we definitely saw a lot of awesome costumes. You can never go wrong with Muppets.

Here is somebody doing Pride & Prejudice & Zombies right! Muddy skirt, brain in hand, bloody hand print - the works! (The brain is actually a clutch and I bought one when I got home because who doesn't need a brain clutch?)

More Game of Thrones Action!

I loved seeing all of the Game of Thrones cosplay. Now that I finally caught up on the show, I could actually understand who everyone was! 


Avatar is another show that I watched between this year and last. We sat in on the Legend of Korra panel and it looked pretty cool, as did all of the costumes. So I decided to add Avatar to my ever growing "shows I need to watch" list. I'm pretty sure I watched the whole series in 3 weeks. It's always great when you can stream things for FREE!! 

Seeing hobbits always makes me a little giddy. I do love a good group cosplay!


I didn't even know what this was when I took a picture of it. I was just like "ooh weird moon shoes!" Thank god for my brother who plays video games and can explain who all the people are!

I love when people cross dress. A guy as Hit Girl!? Hilarious. I saw a lot of women Doctor's that were fantastic.

It's fun to see people thinking outside of the box. This girl dressed up as black and white Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. So clever! Here are a bunch we saw walking around the floor:

Cosmo and Wanda!

Headless Horseman

Woody and Bo Peep


I need to get me a TARDIS dress.

Even better is when you see people in Cosplay just wandering around downtown. 


For when you need a good night time costume!

Chelsea and Tristan found Booker! It's always great to find characters from the same universe as you.

And last but not least - we found Shawn again. This time dressed as a Steampunk Shawn. Lovely. Here's a great video that Sneaky Zebra made after the con. You'll see a lot of these people in it. The song is also fantastic. 

Is it July 2014 yet??


  1. The boy and I also marathoned Avatar. Have you watched Legend of Korra yet? I've only seen Book 1, I'm waiting for Book 2 to finish airing so we can watch it all in one shot.

  2. I watched the first episode but that's it so far. I need to find a good chunk of time to marathon!