Thursday, November 7, 2013

VERY Belated Comic-con Post!

Since last week was Halloween and I have costumes on the mind, I thought I'd throw up my re-cap of costumes from Comic-con! (Meant to do this in July - oops.) First up - all of the stuff clan Cottle wore! This was another fantastic year at San Diego Comic-con. My brother and I flew out together with his Chewy back-pack. Gotta start things off nerdy!

We stayed at the Embassy Suites and some how lucked out and got the King Daddy of all suites.My brother and I were a little delirious as we didn't get there until midnight (3am our time). We opened the DOUBLE DOORS to find we had a 2 bedroom suite. Was not expecting that. It had it's own entrance way, a giant living room, dining room table, and 2 bathrooms! Needless to say there was a lot of jumping up and down and running around in excited circles. My sister's flight got delayed so she didn't get in until around 2 am. We told her we got the crappiest room so it was fun to be woken up by her WTF!?! yells as she walked in. 

Little sleep did not stop us from being SUPER psyched to go pick up our badges! Even if you didn't bring a costume, there were plenty of chances to dress up. 

All the Comic-con bags came with capes so you could dress up like a Superhero! 

Lots of different vendors pass out things you can dress up with. Check out these cool Hello Kitty headbands!

You could even take your picture in Uncle Scrooge's money vault. Not really dressing up, but I did get to wear a hat. After taking it all in on Thursday, my sister and I woke up early to don our first costumes of the weekend.

Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin! We bought these wigs last year and formed our costumes around them. We spent most of Friday waiting in line to get into Hall H, which never actually happened. (cue the sad trombone!) But we did have fun in line. Tristan showed up late and we had to assemble his costume in line. Luckily people at Comic-con are awesome and everyone around us helped out. 

He was just a bunch of grapes but his costume got the most comments out of all of ours. Everybody thought he was something different. It was either Fruit of the Loom, the Lumpy Space Princess, or the Grapist. (We had to look up that last one). It was hilarious seeing what all these different people thought Tristan was when in reality, he wore it because it was a cheap costume.

Waiting in Line!

His balloons slowly deflated throughout the day, and a few of them popped. It was great watching him try to squeeze through crowds on the floor.

At least he paved a pretty nice path for Chelsea and I to follow!

Tristan and I went to an advanced screening of The World's End where we got t-shirts and cool mouth lights so we could look like the Aliens from the movie. We all dressed up again on Sunday the day of the Doctor Who panel - so I of course dressed up as a Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter.

When you're waiting in lines for hours and sleeping on concrete, you want a comfortable costume. I tried to think of which blonde character I could be from Doctor Who. Then I remembered Jenny and thought that it was the perfect costume! Easy to assemble, and I got to buy new boots!

Chelsea and Tristan went the much more detailed route. They dressed up as characters from Bioshock Infinite. A lot of people stopped to ask them for a picture - the true test of a good costume! So as you can see, there's always a way to cosplay at Comic-con - whether you've spent months preparing, or just use something they're handing out for free. Next week I'll throw up a post on the awesome costumes I saw other people wearing.

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