Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!

One of my favorite days of the year! I get to wear orange and black striped tights to work, eat tons of candy, and see adorable children in costumes. Also I'm keeping up a tradition I started for myself when I moved into my current house 7 years ago of watching Hocus Pocus and ordering Pizza Hut. BEST NIGHT EVER!!

Today is also my little sister's 25th birthday. TWENTY-FIVE. She's old and I'm OLDER. waahhhhh. But We always have a great time together and I wish her the BEST birthday ever! (Though I guess it can't be that great if I'm not there to celebrate with her.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA!

Just because this video will never not crack me up. 

I hope everyone goes out and has a shockingly good time tonight! Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

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