Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bridal Shower Desserts Part 1

There are only FOUR days until Sara & Scotty's wedding!!!! SO EXCITING. I thought we'd reminisce about Sara's bridal shower this week. We had a red themed shower so all of the desserts were red. I made red velvet cupcakes, red sugar cookies (look for a post on those Thursday!), my standby iced bridal sugar cookies, and raspberry mousse cups.

I have 3 of Wilton's dessert shells candy molds. Each of the molds makes 3 shells. I also have 2 accent candy molds. The shells were a little bit of a pain to make, if oxygen gets in it'll turn your chocolate a weird chalky color. And some of them broke when I took the mold apart. But that's not a huge deal; you just melt down the broken bits and use them again! Once I got the hang of it, it was much quicker and I didn't break as many.

I looked up a raspberry mousse recipe online. Next time I will strain all the seeds out. I'm not a fan of raspberry seeds and there were A LOT. I filled each shell, refrigerated for about 30 minutes then topped them with the accent candies. This is also a great dessert if you have friends on a gluten free diet! 

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  1. Loved the raspberry mousse that I could eat!!