Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Can Never Have Too Many Hats

Since we have 6 more weeks of winter heading our way (thanks a lot Punxsutawney Phil!) I thought I'd share the snow caps I made in college. My friend Kristen knew how to crochet hats and I knew how to knit scarves. We decided to teach each other our skills to stay good and warm in the winter. The first one I made was the brown hat. You can tell because the top is kind of pointy - it looks more like an elf hat when worn.

Because I love bright colors, the next one I made was the rainbow hat. I love yarns that have different colors in them. It's not quite as pointy as the brown hat, but still not perfect.

These next two turned out much better. Not pointy at all! I like the way the green and purple hat turned out with the diagonal stripes. For Christmas that year I made everyone in my family matching scarves and hats - I even added a bobble to the top of the hats! Note to self: start adding bobbles to more things. 

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