Monday, February 6, 2012

Disco Dust

My new baking obsession is Disco Dust. I first heard of it when I came across this site on how to make unicorn poop cookies. Really weird, I know - but they are so pretty! (it all goes back to my love of rainbows

Disco dust is edible glitter and I want to put it on EVERYTHING. The cheapest I found was at Jester's Discount Cake Supply and I bought more than I probably should have. Henceforth I will never let another cookie/cupcake go unsparkled!!

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  1. This was copied and pasted from the Jester's Discount Cake Supply web site:

    NOTE: Disco Dusts are Non-Toxic craft glitters
    that are intended for use on gum paste flowers and other Non-Edible decorations.

    An extra fine glitter with lots of sparkle

    Developed for the cake decorating and craft industry

    Disco Dusts contain only ingredients that are NON-TOXIC.

    These dusts are not a food product and should not be considered as such.