Monday, February 13, 2012

Cards & Envelopes

I don't think I've hand-made valentines since college but I was inspired by my Martha Stewart Living magazine this year. I bought cute valentine card stock from Michaels and printed out templates from Martha Stewart's website to create some fun accordion and garland valentines.

I used an exacto knife and a self healing cutting mat to cut out most of the shapes. (How awesome is a SELF HEALING mat??)

I also had fun with glitter glue and stickers. I AM PERPETUALLY 5 YEARS OLD.

The bad thing about making your own valentines is finding envelopes to send them in. I thought, hey - why don't I try just making my own? I sacrificed an envelope from a stationary set I have, tore it apart and traced it onto cardstock to make my very own envelopes! Then I used stickers and Disney themed tape to secure them before plopping them in the mail.

For the valentines I didn't have to mail I used an old calendar to make fun bright envelopes. 

Thank you to the World Wildlife Fund for some beautiful pictures!! 

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