Friday, September 7, 2012

Comic-con Cosplay - The Others.

The San Diego Comic-Con this summer was per usual... AMAZING. It's fun to see how things were different from last year. We did not get nearly as much swag. (Last year I think we walked away with 13 t-shirts each - this year we got 3). But we still had an amazing time - even my sister who we basically dragged there had fun!

As you may know, Cosplay is a HUGE part of Comic-con. Here are some of the crafty/awesome costumes I saw.

Please somebody tell me where to buy this skirt and/or fabric. I NEED.

Doctor Who decoupage FTW.

Hobbits! These women were so cute - pulled the look off wonderfully! Need to figure out how to do the feet for the midnight showing.

This is definitely the coolest costume we saw this year - it was a fully functioning (in that things moved and lit up automatically, not in that it had real fire power) Iron Man suit! I have no idea how long this would take to make or how much money - but my bet is on a lot for both.

Lolz. Only at cons do you just see a Stormtrooper just casually walking down the street.

Because I am obsessed with Doctor Who.

Avengers FAMILY!? I need children immediately.


This Katniss was all over the con. I saw her multiple times, and then I've seen her on tons of blogs since. I think it helped that she wore the costume multiple days, but I guess when you've got a good one you need to show it off!

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