Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Musings #... what are we on now? Lets go with 20?

So many things to muse about - which one to choose? The VMAs? Thank god I don't work in a profession where I would have to try to wear an outfit that outcrazies this:

Believe me, nobody wants to see me in an outfit like this. Though I can't lie, I'm digging her hair. Then there's the DNC... I dvr'd it, but haven't watched it yet. Apparently the speeches were amazing/life changing/lies/baby killers... this is why I hate politics - so polarizing. Why can't we all just get alongggg????? I do appreciate people who take it all seriously though because it's a job I could never do - I avoid confrontation AT ALL COSTS. 

Anyways, I'm happy its finally the weekend. This 4 day week has been the longest ever! Okay, not really - but I've been struggling lately on getting things accomplished. Here's to a productive next week!! 

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