Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Comic-Con Cosplay - Zombies!

This is what we were going for at first. But when the time came to actually dress up, none of us wanted to wait in line all day in Zombie make up. So instead we brought swords and just pretended we were the Bennets fighting Zombies!

I bought our dresses from Etsy and got the swords from Amazon. The dresses are sooooo comfortable. And really flattering! You can eat a big meal and don't have to worry about a food baby stomach! And believe me, we ate a lot at Comic-con. My friend had a poet's shirt I borrowed for my brother, and I bought his vest on Amazon as well. He is a big slacker though so did nothing for the bottom half of his costume - hence the hipster pants. It's a little known secret that Regency men were all really hipsters. 

Walking to the Convention Center! Approx 5:15am
When we were for a brief moment the end of the line.

Weapon Skillz.
So while nobody knew who we were outside of us telling them, I still had a blast dressing up! Next time we'll bring some zombies to kill.

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