Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun with Fruit!

We had a baby shower for a coworker last month. I'd been waiting for a chance to make a baby carriage fruit salad that my friend told me about. However there were a few things I was not prepared for...

1.) How do I choose a good melon? I've never bought cantaloupe before so I had to call my mom while I was at Harris Teeter to ask how to pick a melon. She told me to smell them and if it smells like a melon then it's good to go. Awesome. If you know anything about the Teeter where I live, its always full of attractive bachelors - so of course I wanted to be seen standing there smelling melons. I'm pretty sure I just went with the first one I picked up.

2.) Watermelon is really... well, watery. I've cut watermelon before, but I'd never scooped it out. I was splashing watermelon juice all over my kitchen. By the time I had a carriage assembled, I was covered in it.

3.) Fruit is heavy. I cut everything up separately and brought it in big bowls to work to assemble it there. I could just see me carrying the finished product to work and dropping it in the parking garage. 

I cut out a small hole for the pacifier and used toothpicks in the grapes for the eyes. I found the easiest way is to toothpick they grapes first and then put it in the melon, otherwise the toothpick falls into the melon and there is zero chance for retrieval once all that fruit is in the basket.

I was really happy with the final product - so cute you could eat it up! 

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