Thursday, March 14, 2013

Disney Princess Half: The Costumes

There were tons of great costumes at the race. A LOT of princesses, parent/kid combos, dudes dressed up as princes (and princesses). My favorite is definitely this Doctor Who/Disney cross-over I spotted at the 5K. She handmade it all (I NEED TO FIND THE TARDIS FABRIC!). The tshirt is iron on pictures of Doctor Who/Disney.

She also had a little Pascal (which I totally should have gotten for my costume!) with a sonic screw driver. 

One of my favorite things was seeing parents running with their children. (This was more the Family 5K than the half) 

Since I was running in these, all the pictures are the backs of people unfortunately, but you still get the idea. 

This picture is probably illegal to put up - but I just had to show how awesome this guys costume was! I took the crappy one from the back. FULL RED SUIT! in 80 degree weather!! Running 13 miles in that costume is what I call true love...or insanity.

One of my favorite memories from the Half was around mile 1. I ran past two men probably in their 30s wearing the floor length Snow White and Cinderella dresses. Lots of women were running past chuckling. Some yelled "Aren't you going to be hot!?" This was their response:

Snow White: The worst part about these costumes is the thong!
Cinderella: At least we didn't have to wear our heels.Snow White: What!?! You didn't tell me that! I'm wearing mine!

Seriously - comedy gold mine! I wanted to stay next to them the whole race! But alas, I got sidetracked by Capt. Jack Sparrow. It will be a little weird running the Rock n' Roll half this weekend and not seeing 99% of people in costume, but I'm still pretty excited for all of the GREEN. 

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