Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rock n' Roll Half and Stuff

I just downloaded the Pic Stitch app. EXCITING! This picture is my race in a nutshell. Lots of green. I don't think I drank enough water beforehand because miles 5-13 were a bit of a struggle. Oops. I always think the last thing I'd want after finishing a race is a beer... but they were free so I got one anyways. I drank half, but as it was Michelob Ultra I didn't feel too guilty throwing away the rest.

Up next is the Nike Women's Half on April 28th. I just got a t-shirt that I am UBER excited to wear on race day. My goal is to beat my time on the Rock n Roll (2:50 according to my Nike + app). I really need to buckle down with my training... but eating, drinking, and watching Doctor Who is just so much more fun! Which by the way, I am FINALLY caught up on. That's right, I watched seasons 3-7.1 in 3 months. NBD. I no longer have to avoid the internet like the plague because of spoilers. Four more days until the new season!!

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