Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Musings #31

I finished the race and am still alive!! The Disney Princess Half was wonderful - everything I could dream of! I'm still kind of tired from the long weekend as we had to wake up at god-awful hours both Saturday and Sunday. (4:40am, and then 3:40am) Then after "running" I cleaned up and spent an entire day walking around in the parks. My feet were not too pleased with me and decided to let me know by swelling up to the size of small balloons.

I did buy some new sweet kicks at the expo though. And ran in them yesterday once the swelling went down. I also bought a sweaty band at the expo and it is AWESOME. I want to buy them in ALL THE COLORS. They don't slip at all and there are a million different designs (including SPARKLE!!)

Hopefully this weekend I'll get all of my pictures uploaded and then I can share highlights of the race and all the awesome costumes I saw. Get. Excited.

P.S. Sorry if gifs annoy you, I can't stop using them!!!

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