Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disney Princess Half: The Look

The race was so much fun: fireworks, DJs, Disney Princesses and Princes at every mile, and 22,000 people running. It's hard to beat that!! Almost everybody ran in costumes. (Look out for a follow up post on those!) My Rapunzel outfit turned out really well! 

I bought a Team Sparkle purple skirt and a purple performance T from Target. Then I sewed on pink ribbon to make it look more princess-y. The ribbon frayed a lot on the ends after sewing it on. I'm sure there is something you can buy to keep it from doing that, but since I'm a procrastinator and waited until a few days before I flew to Orlando to finish my costume, I didn't have time to research. Instead I used the quick-fix of hot gluing the ends. It worked out really well and didn't even look that bad!

So Rapunzel. That girl must have some mad brushing skillz. I bought gold colored yarn to make a really long braid. I spread it out on my living room floor then divided it into 3 sections. 

When I divided it, all the hair got TANGLED. Touché Disney. 

It took me forever to braid it because of the constant tangling and having to move 1 strand at a time. I really needed a hoard of little girls to do it like she had in the movie. (If you're going to attempt this I recommend you bribe some friends to help.) I finally got it done and then used my trusty hot-glue gun to attach some flowers I bought at Michael's. 

To attach it to my head I put my hair in a bun, then wrapped the braid around my head and the bun and let the rest hang over my shoulder. I bobby pinned it in pretty well too and used a large flower clip to mask where I had tied a knot at the top. 

This was after my run, so the bun had fallen out, but you get the general idea. 

When I ran I draped the braid over my shoulder so it wouldn't drag on the ground. My neck got pretty sweaty holding it, but otherwise it was pretty easy to run with. 

The pièce de résistance of my costume was definitely the frying pan. I thought originally it would be the braid since it dragged on the floor, but I got the most comments on the pan. Luckily I found a plastic one in a Campfire Kid's Fish Fry set so I didn't have to lug around an extra 10lbs. (AND it makes a great fan for running in 80 degree weather!)

Flynn Rider also had a mini frying pan so right before I took this picture (which by the way, pretty much made my life) we fake battled with them. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!

So that was the race from my costume's POV! (Here's one more shot of me pre-race.) #canigobacknowplease

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