Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Musings #33

So this is how I spent my entire evening last night. I don't know how I hadn't heard of The Lizzie Diaries before. Each episode is around 4 minutes long and they air 2 a week. (so yes, I watched all 98 episodes in one day - I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT THAT.) The last 2 episodes of the series (rounding it off at an even 100) air next Monday and Thursday. Glad I caught up before the very end! It's a really cute modern-ish day Pride & Prejudice and for the most part I think they did a really good job of translating everything. There are a few characters/lines that I think sound a little forced (mostly because they're lifting it straight from the book) but I really enjoyed it. I'm excited for the last two episodes! Also, the girl who plays Lydia is also in the School of Thrones YouTube show, which as soon as I finish the book and watch the HBO series, I am totally going to watch!

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