Monday, March 26, 2012

Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket!

I began buying pieces for my costume back in December with the purchase of these:

Paper eyelashes!! They were on sale at Sephora. I cut off the deer head portion and just used the other half. I went a little crazy with blue eye shadow as well. To really get the Effie look, I should have bought white face makeup - but I ran out of time, so I just went with the fact that I am very pale and that would have to do.

I also wanted "Capitol" nails so I bought some glue-ons at CVS.

Me and Kim uber excited to watch HG!!

The hat I bought at Cracker Barrel during Halloween last year and the wig I bought online (It's a Frenchie wig from Grease.) The dress was just a God-send. I went to Goodwill and was looking for 80's prom dresses (big puffed sleeves!), but they had none. Luckily this beauty caught my eye! The pink lining was perfect and while it didn't have puffed sleeves, it did have some pretty sweet shoulder pads. 

 Me and my brother - who dressed up as Cinna, 
but nobody seemed to realize that.

I was one of VERY FEW people to dress up (I think the other 2 were 12 year olds) but I don't even care - I loved my outfit! One girl at the theater even asked to take a picture with me! 


  1. You look gosh-darn good in this dress, Kimber :)

  2. Thanks VA! I think it might be magical - like those travelling pants....