Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday Review: The Unofficial Hunger Game Cookbook

If you haven't noticed, I've been way behind on my posts this week. I blame the Hunger Games and taxes. I've been going crazy all week preparing for my pre-midnight-showing party and work has gotten pretty busy with April 15th just around the corner. Since I'm making a few items from this cookbook, I thought I'd do a review. It's not super crafty, but it is super themey - which I lump in with crafty.

What I Like:
·         It’s the HUNGER GAMES. What's not to like??
·         It has food broken up into fun sections like Breaking Bread, "Sink or Swim - Seafood", and "Put Some Meat on Your Bones - Beef, Lamb, and Pork"
·         Each recipe has a corresponding passage from one of the 3 books in the trilogy explaining how the recipe relates back.
·         Each recipe has a "Tips from Your Sponsor" section that has suggestions for different ways of cooking or explanations/history behind some of the ingredients. There's some pretty interesting stuff.

What I don't Like:
·         The cookbook is organized by type of food for the most part (seafood, poultry, beef etc).  When I was planning out my menu, I wanted something from the Capitol and I had to do some searching to find appropriate recipes. It'd be easier if there was just a "Capitol" section.
·         Some of the recipes aren't written that well. Granted, I've only thoroughly read through the 3 recipes I'm making for tonight's PARTAY - but for the Lamb Stew, onion is listed on the ingredients list twice. I assume it's because you use onions 2 different times - in the beginning you sauté some in a pan, then later you add more to the stew. But why not just lump it together and say how much you need to use in the instructions? I'm also making mine in the Crockpot to which the book's instructions were basically "If you want to make it in a Crockpot, just throw all ingredients in a Crockpot." I have a feeling that it's a little more complicated than that. Hopefully it turns out okay!

Jury's still out on how things will taste. Come back next week where I'm sure all of my posts will be Hunger Games themed summaries of what I made for the party tonight. 

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