Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wedding Fun!

This weekend was my friend Kim's wedding. It was FANTASTIC. Mary and I were co-maid-of-honors. It was a gorgeous wedding - the weather couldn't have been more perfect. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was rocking. They had a photo-booth which I highly recommend. In fact, can I have a photo booth just follow me around in my daily life so I can hop in whenever I feel like it? Please?? They played all of my LMFAO songs AND the DJ was awesome enough to play Call Me Maybe!!! A lot of "hands-as-telephones" dance moves were going on. 

I had the tricky job of trying to drink enough to not be nervous during my speech, but not too much as to slur my speech. It's a fine line, but I think I walked it pretty well. 

Sadly there was no single men at this wedding, though I did catch the bouquet! One of the groomsman caught the garter. His girlfriend was standing close by so he put it a safe inch above my knee.

How cute is the garter? The Bride & Groom are big Caps fans.  She got it off Etsy. I feel like I need to make cute things and start my own Etsy shop. Summer project??

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