Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Up For Hire!

I had my VERY FIRST commission last week! My boss's daughter is obsessed with the Hunger Games (kid after my own heart!) so she asked if I'd make her a cake just like I did at my Hunger Games Party. I used a Wilton roll and cut mat to roll out the fondant this time. It didn't really work too well - the fondant stuck to the mat so when I finally pried it off it was a bit wrinkly. Next time - powdered sugar! I also didn't cover the edges too well - luckily thats nothing that can't be fixed with a crap ton of fondant leaves! I just put a lot more around the edge to cover up all the gaffes.

Here is the cake I made for the birthday with my first cake below it for comparison.

The bird is positioned a little differently. I think I made him too big this time around - had to squeeze the letters around him. But luckily my boss didn't notice and she said her daughter loved it. Sorry there's no picture of the jungle I put around the edge. Next time. 

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