Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Review: New England Knits

I love the fashions of coastal towns. Anything nautical - fisherman knit sweaters especially. This probably stems from my love of small towns, Avonlea, lighthouses, and Scotland.  New England Knits by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa La Barre incorporates a lot of these looks into their designs.

What I like:
·         The book is filled with great pictures. Each pattern has multiple pictures so you can see the item from many angles. The pictures are taken in fun locations - the streets of New England towns, countrysides, and of course - the beach.
·         There is a good variety of projects - sweaters, skirts, satchels, cardigans, neckerchiefs, and hats!
·         One of the patterns is specifically designed to make two matching kerchiefs so you can knit with a friend! How cool is that??
·         I'm in love with pretty much every pattern. It is all so cute! One of the hat designs has little whales - WHALES. 
·         The type A person in me as always appreciates the glossary and pictorial instructions of different knitting techniques included in the back of the book.

What I don't like:
·         Each pattern has a place in its name - The Hampton Cardigan, the Chelsea Skirt, The Portland Mittens etc. (just to be clear - I like this part). I think it'd be nice to have a little background on the places the patterns are named after. I found myself wondering why a certain sweater was named after a certain town - is that a popular fashion there? Or is it just whimsical?

It's time to get knitting, and then I'm going to sail around the sea and fish for lobsters.

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