Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bachelorette Goody Bags

The Bachelorette weekend in Atlantic City was a blast! We all drank, danced, and ate a ton. It's always fun to don a lot of sparkle and hang out with some of your best girlfriends.

I made goody bags for all of the girls - 11 total.

Key items:

* Water and Advil for a quicker recovery after a night of shenanigans.
* Fun 80's style neon glasses and beads
* Breath mints - you can never have enough of those.
* Nail file to look your best
* Shot glass
* Bra and pantie cookies (this time with a ton of disco dust!)
* Bachelorette Party Pledge

Here's a close up of the cookies and pledge certificate. We also had some inappropriate drink stirrers and pink tiara's that we added to all the bags. Any time your group enters a bar in matching anything, you are guaranteed free drinks! And by the end of the night it's great to look around and see all these random people wearing the 80's sunglasses and pink tiaras your group brought in. It was such a fantastic weekend - and only 3 more weeks till the wedding!!

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