Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introducing - The Wednesday Review!

I have close to one bazillion books on various crafting subjects (mostly knitting, and baking) so each Wednesday I will review one of them here for you! There's not actually a review today because I just thought this up this morning - so instead I'll tell you my main sources for books.

1.)    Rummage sales. My Aunts are super bargain hunters and they LOVE rummage sales. I've gone with them to a few and have found some pretty awesome stuff. Its true what they say - "One man's junk is another man's treasure." When I go I usually stick to the kitchen goods, holiday d├ęcor, and books. I've bought some knitting and embroidery books in the past. I think everything I've bought was printed in the 60's but hey - I like vintage. You can also find yarn, fabric, and craft sets at most rummage sales and everything is under $2 - great for the bargain crafter!

2.) I've always been a BIG Amazon shopper. Back in the day I bought (and sold!) all of my college text books there. I have the Amazon credit card and recently became an Amazon Prime member - which turns out to be a blessing and a curse. It's amazing what a difference "free" 2-day shipping makes! Now I want to buy EVERYTHING. I rationalize my Prime membership with the fact I can also stream TV and movies for free and Amazon really does have a great selection. When I see a book I want, I make sure to check the price at Amazon first as it's usually 25-50% off.

3.)    Crafter's Choice. I know book clubs can get a bad rep, but I love Crafter's Choice. This is probably where I get the majority of my books. When you join you get 4 books for $1 and then you have to buy 2 books within a year.  They're generally reasonably priced, but as with all online shopping, S&H prices are a slap in the face. However, CC has great sales. I always wait until they have their 2 for $22, 3 for $33, or 4 for $44 sale with free shipping. Its good for any book up to $35 and they have a TON of craft books, cookbooks, and even novels. They sell combo packs (2 books they bundle because they are on the same subject) that I used to be able to use as 1 of my 4 for $44 books so I was essentially getting 5 or 6 books for $44. It was awesome but sadly they have sinced closed that loophole. The only annoying thing is every month they have featured selections that you have to make sure to DECLINE or they'll send them to you and charge you. But you get an email with an easy link to decline so its not too bad.

Anybody else have a good source for crafting books?

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