Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Review: Handmade Weddings

Handmade Weddings is a book that has over 50 DIY wedding crafts. They range from invitations and centerpieces, to party favors and ring pillows. The book is well laid out and has excellent pictures, but overall I wasn't thrilled with it.

What I like:
·         The book is divided into sections on the kind of wedding you want - "Retro Homespun", "Girly Romantic", and "Organic Minimal" are a few. Each section starts with a color pallet and the crafts take off from there.
·         There is a handy guide at the beginning describing which projects you should definitely DIY and which are better to buy/rent/or plan ahead for.
·         Each craft has a key for the level of expertise needed, the time it will take to make it, how far in advance from your wedding you should start the craft, if it’s a group or individual activity, and the estimated budget.
·         There's a whole section on calligraphy! I love writing things by hand. I generally use calligraphy markers to shortcut the time actual calligraphy takes but I'm glad that there's a step by step tutorial in this book for each letter.
·         Some of the crafts - Heart shaped programs that can double as fans is a brilliant idea, cute and I think would be fun to make with your bridesmaids - definitely a craft I can get behind.

What I don't like:
·         Most of the crafts - There are a lot of crafts in this book that I think are too kitschy for a wedding: yarn-wrapped bottles, fabric-wrapped favors, paper-link chains, and fabric-scrap hair clips.

Really!?!? I think this is more suited for a toddler's birthday party than a wedding.

Maybe these things just aren't my style and somebody else would love to have them at their wedding - but I find it hard to believe the majority of people would like any of these. I think they could be cute in a shower or even rehearsal setting, but not for the actual wedding.

This book can be a great resource to get ideas but I wouldn't recommend buying it. Borrow it from the library or a friend (me!) who already owns it. You'll probably only like about 5 of the 50 crafts they have to offer and you want to get your money's worth! 

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