Monday, January 16, 2012

Putting My Money On Red

I may have lost a lot of money and sleep this weekend but I had the BEST time at Sara's bachelorette party. We spent the weekend in Atlantic City and per usual it involved tons of sparkle, alcohol, and dancing. The theme for the weekend (as thought up by the v. clever MOH - Susan) was "Painting The Town Red Before Sara Is Wed". We even had matching T-shirts!!

I decided to make a banner to decorate the room. I knew I wanted glittery red paper for it so I headed to the scrapbook section in Michael's. It's been a while since I've shopped in the scrapbook section, I forgot how awesome the paper is. Thankfully Valentine's Day is right around the corner so there is no shortage of red sparkly things at Michael's. I think my favorite purchase is the red glitter clothespins.

 The supplies.

Final product!

I also made heart shaped sugar cookies decorated to look like bras and panties. This is the first time I've made real royal icing. (I also added 1/4 tsp vanilla extract) Usually I just mix water and powdered sugar because it's easy and I love the way it tastes but it doesn't harden quite as much as I need it to. I was a little worried that adding the meringue powder would change the taste, but it didn't.

I used Wilton decorating tip #4 to outline the cookies. You can see the first one I did I started with 2 circles, but decided that didn't look good - so I went with the general outline for the rest. 

I used Wilton tip #2 for the "lace" dots.


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