Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Party In The Bag

1.) Google changed their blog interface and it is FREAKING ME OUT. 

2.) Oxford Party = Big Success!! We finished off 2 bottles of Pimms and I think everybody enjoyed it. 

It ended up being more a blend of classy Oxford (Pimms, cucumber sandwiches, and scones) and your typical American BBQ (chips & dip, hot dogs, and Bud Light) but everybody had fun and most of my guests dressed up! Yay theme parties!! 

I made the BEST COOKIES EVER - and then ate about 10 of them. Seriously need to start exercising again. I put them in a Ben's Cookie's tin since that's what they remind me of. I'm still sad their Utah store closed. *sigh*

Again to stress how this was a combo UK/USA party - the day started with a thrilling game of Croquette....

 ...and ended with video games.

Though it is Beatles Rock Band - so that fits the theme right??

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