Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Musings #13

Ahhh - I wish this was next week! How cool would it be to have Friday Musings #13 on FRIDAY THE 13th!?!?!. I'm peacing out of work in about 2 hours (gotta beat the crazy DC traffic) and heading down to Williamsburg to spend Easter weekend with the fam - and of course go to Busch Gardens. I made cupcakes last night for Easter lunch but I still have to decorate them.

Peep Sushi

Look at the ADORABLE peep sushi my coworker Amanda made!! It's peeps on top of rice krispies wrapped in fruit roll up. I want to EAT THEM ALL. Next year I will be up on my Peep crafts - I failed miserably at them this year. Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter!!

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