Monday, April 16, 2012

Oxford Party

The City of Dreaming Spires

Time for another Themed party!!! The weather is warming up and I'm feeling a little nostalgic for my favorite city on earth - Oxford. It is also in my favor that I live on Oxford street so double reason for the theme! I'm going to have people dress in their preppiest clothes, make a bunch of English food and buy a lot of English drinks. I still need to work on the menu, but I've pretty much decided on the drinks - the most important being Pimm's Cup!

Pimm's Cup is very popular in England in the summer. Usually imbibed at cricket matches and crew races, we'll have to make do with the croquet set I just bought. I am so looking forward to hosting a garden party. I am NOT looking forward to manicuring the back lawn beforehand. At least that can count as my exercise for the week right??

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