Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Every Easter I annoy my family with a high pitched squeaky rendition of Peter Cottontail. Imagine my surprise when they actually played that song at Busch Gardens in their very own Bunny Trail!! I'm pretty sure my mom was embarrassed to be seen with me as I skipped down the lane singing along. I may be 27 years old, but I'm definitely 6 at heart.

I made these ADORABLE bunny butt cupcakes for our Easter Luncheon. I got the idea out of Hello Cupcake! This is the first time that I used a scoop for the cake batter. It is the BEST THING EVER. I used a 3 tablespoon scoop and the cupcakes just come out so even!

I had some leftover batter so I used a 1 tablespoon scoop and made some mini cupcakes too - cook's treat!

I frosted 6 of my 24 cupcakes and covered them in Oreo crumbs to make the bunny butts. I changed a few things around - the book called for white circus peanuts and chocolate covered sunflower seeds to make the feet, I used the leftover fondant from my Hunger Games Cake instead.

They were all out of little fondant rolling pins at Wal-mart so I used a glass... resourcefulness FTW!

Attached the bunny feet!

Icing the grass was a pain for the first few cupcakes, but then I got the hang of it and it became pretty easy.

I placed all the cupcakes on my serving platter so that it looks like bunnies are hopping into their bunny holes. 

Next I decorated the grass with egg malt balls and flower sprinkles!

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