Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Shower Cookies!

With the last post about baby knits, I thought I'd continue the baby streak with the sugar cookies I made for Kim's baby shower. These were the first royal icing cookies I ever decorated. I copied the suggested designs off of the Wilton cookie cutter box. As you can see the teddy bear didn't get a lot of decoration. Now that I have more experience working with royal icing, I think I can get it to the consistency where it'd be much easier to decorate.

The carriage and the onesie were probably the easiest to decorate. The rocking horse and teddy bear had a lot more detail. But they all are so cute!!


  1. Is it wrong that part of my motivation for having kids now is so that you'll make these cookies for me? ...

  2. This is great.All the cookies are nice but i like the horse shape one.Pooh baby shower